We have released File Utility Suite v1.3 and it is available for download.

Yellow Jersey Software was borne out of the desire to provide useful software at little or no cost to users.

We are a small group of software developers who truly enjoy our work. Our passion is creating software that allows users to more efficiently and accurately complete tasks. Our promise to our users is to provide only great software. Great software is not only reliable and bugfree, but also has an intuitive user interface. Great software has a user interface that allows a novice to readily understand the software and easily complete the task at hand. At the same time, the user interface must not be cumbersome for the experienced user and must allow that user to quickly complete their task.

In keeping with this we have released File Utility Suite v1.3 as freeware and have received awards, one for "originality, creativity and vision". We hope you will try it out. There are no ads or banners of any kind to contend with and there is no cost for personal or commercial use.

File Utility Suite is lightweight collection of file management tools. To download File Utility Suite or get more information, click here